Regarding Anam Cara Spiritual Services
I recently had the pleasure of attending a hypnotherapy session at the home of Roxie Ateah who is a certified practitioner in this emerging field.
I was unsure what to expect as this was my first experience with hypnotherapy . Roxie's home space is inviting and very comfortable. Great kombucha as well !
Roxie put me at ease with their calm soothing voice and in no time I was diving deep into myself for some self examination. At no time did I ever feel threatened or out of control. I was guided through some important points in my life to examine and learn from.

The experience was a treat from start to finish and left me reflective for many days afterwards.
I would not hesitate to try another session. We are all complex creatures and one session is in my opinion "just the tip of the iceberg".
Thanks much Roxie, looking forward to another session . 

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