Monday, 12 February 2018

Seeking Birth Family: Steven David Welch, MB Canada

Adoption Search for Birth Family
Steven David Welch
Date of Birth : November 22 1962
Adoption : December 29 1964
adopted name : Francis Duane Manwaring
Adoptive parents : Maconald Manwaring & Margaret Manwaring ( nee Dunn )
Adoptive sister : Noreen Ann McGarva ( Sally Manwaring )
We are searching for the birth family of Steven David Welch born November 22 1962 , adopted via The Children's Aid Society of Eastern Manitoba
This is the birth family of my ex partner & bio father of my eldest child .
We would very much like to connect with & find any family members also wishing to know history & ancestral connections .
We've yet to contact the adoption registry here in our province . We also have reason to believe he may have been a child of the 60's scoop due to his age being 2 yrs old at time of adoption & wording of the CAS documents .
We are not sure of place of birth . Birth may have been  region around Keewatin or Kenora Ontario , or Winnipeg Manitoba .
I've listed photos below from as early we can find of him up to his obituary photos . I've also included photos of him with  his adopted sister ( adopted name : Sally Manwaring ) Noreen Ann McGarva & other adoptive relatives in case the Manwaring clan may have information .
I also have included photos of my eldest child Natasha Rose whom is now 36 yrs old in case she may have appearance of bio family .
We very much would like to learn my daughter's heritage etc. meet her cousins , aunts , uncles ........
please please pass this on as much as you like . If you feel there is something I've missed out in this post please feel free to let me know so I can add to or change the search .
If there is any information you feel would be helpful to us please contact us

official decree of adoption 29th of Dec 1964 
 Steven David Welch born November 22 1962
to be known  as Francis Duane Manwaring
it mentions " upon hearing what was alleged by counsel for the Children's Aid Society of Eastern Manitoba "


letter from Children's Aid Society of Manitoba 1964
this is the letter regarding getting an official birth certificate in 1964
mentions the official adoption was also enclosed

This is the bible which has the inscription  presented to mother then to Duane  By Godparents " Mona & Doug " Barbara ,Mona and Ronnie
Christmas 1962 Dec 1963
We believe this was written in at a later date due to the fact the name Duane is used & that was his adopted name given at 2 yrs of age . was it a gift to his birth mother at a time of birth or baptism ?






Natasha age 2yrs

Natasha age 13 yrs


Seeking Birth Family : Noreen Ann McGarava, MB. Canada

Adoption Search Birth Family
Noreen Ann McGarva
Birth Date  : June 19th 1954
Adoption Date : July 15th 1954
Adopted Name : Sally Diane Manwaring
Adopted Sibling : Steven David Welch ( Francis Duane Manwaring )
Adoptive Parents : Francis McDonald Manwaring & Margaret Evelyn Manwaring ( nee Dunn )
I am placing this post for the search of the birth family of Noreen Ann McGarva adopted at birth
This was the birth family of my ex the bio father of my eldest child . My daughter is not a blood relation .
We are actually searching for the birth family of my ex so that our daughter may learn & connect with her heritage .
I felt the need to also put Sally's birth information out there in case her birth family is searching for her also .
I'd like to be able to help in what way I can if they are wanting to find some history of her .
please if you have any information on the birth family of Noreen Ann McGarva contact us






Monday, 15 January 2018

sourpuss & sunshine (2015)

This is something I wrote back in 2015 ,  really needed to re-read this at this time & I enjoyed it so much I'm re-posting it here . How we respond to each other & treat each other is a topic I'm revisiting . peace blogging again ..........
Experience , a learning , a growth , an evolution of some kind .
teachings , those eye opening moments .
 of gratitude , the sigh of relief
This one happened 2 months back
my youngest , our son who is 14 yrs old & I doing a city trip in for groceries & visits
I enjoy time with this one , our last at home , easy going , he who gives joy child .
 he is my gentle yoga minded son
he loves bike riding , video gaming & classical music
we love our outings together no matter where . be it a drive  along the prairie hwys or a trip to the corner store we enjoy the company of each other
We have fun goofing & loving the little things  
I'm giving you an image of who this beautiful person is to lead in to showing how sour & resentful another person can be
My boy & I were in our big city grocery store where we go to get bulk or discount items . It is a store I don't particularly like , the lighting gives eye strain & headache
yet we can chose to be miserable or make the best of experience
we all , especially as adults have choice
we also are a huge example to those younger than us
how we respond in experience is a teaching to those younger
we are our legacy , we chose our actions & how we shall be remembered
So here we stroll down aisles . we dance we chose to laugh & be silly .
we always dance to the piped in music & giggle at labels on products
as we are smiling , giggling having fun in our dairy section
there she is coming down the isle
the woman , whom I know I hurt somehow with true words yrs ago
yes you know me speaking truth regarding abuse , pedophiles , spouses who cheat , etc.
 I know I hurt her .our response to truth & loving actions often is hurt feeling
we all experience this
do I have sorrow , a sorry & apology are not the same thing
 sorrow as in did I say the wrong thing . no , not in this situation
 sorrow , yes sorrow she chose to stay with a man who abuses women drives drunk etc.
 apology means to explain , well I gave apology yrs ago & to this day I'd give the same one .
should I have just been quite when this is a man I feel could be connected to MMW ?
 did she hurt me , of course she did . did she say mean hurtful things , of course she did .
yes honestly in time does your spirit not forgive , do you not grow lighter , does pain not diminish ?
 do we not perhaps come to have empathy & understanding for the actions of others ?
I've noticed this in several hurtfelt relationships lately , those who ease up , who come to have understanding & let feelings acknowledge , come up , release & float away .
& there will be bitterness in some , lashing out for a very long time .....
 anyway there she was after all these yrs ago
 8 yrs to be exact
I will say I had the opportunity to test my response earlier this summer . to see the type of person I am . to see how will I respond to someone who hurt my feelings .
 someone who in an act of love hurt me . yes loving actions can produce hurt feelings . love can contain hurt & pain !
I had to stop & ask myself deep in my heart & mind " how are you going to respond Rox ?" " are you going to give this person & her children a mean look " ? " pretend not to see them ?" " or possibly have understanding ?" " perhaps , you yourself produced hurt feelings in them ?"
 so when that time came . I rose up . I chose to smile . I chose to talk . I chose to love . because I do , I love them very very much .
so that is mu choice , my legacy
 so back to grocery isle
 here she comes , I feel a bit apprehensive , a bit afraid . no , let that go , how will you respond , I chose to continue with a smile & a giggle with my son
 I chose to be open & to welcome her with light
 her response , sourpuss face ! yes !
that was her response after 8 yrs !
 & what I have not said yet , because it took awhile to fully sink in . her sourpuss face went to my child as well .
 yes , this child of joy
 this child who in reality was her god child at one time . baptismal child
 he of course did not remember her so he paid not attention to just another grumpy sour person within the store .
 So why Buddha ?
Why Buddha & light ?
 because of course as we finished our journey within this store I had this woman in my head
 I felt badly , sadly .
 we reach the line , the checkout & yes of course I wonder will she be in our line .
 then there it is a tap on my shoulder . oh no ! it isn't !
 I turn , & there she is , beautiful giving sunshine face ! my friend Phoebe !
 different face LOL
 loving face . friend face
 & I also know the legacy of someone like my friend Phoebe .
she is loving , empathetic & forgiving
 I was filled with joy & yes relief to see her
 to have my child see her !
 to be connected with her
 she lifted me up .
 & whenever I go back to this experience Buddha comes in my head , with light & contentment of heart
 This experience leads me on , helps my growth , keeps me from being stuck
 to know forgiveness , to keep learning understanding
 I feel sorry as in sorrow for my child's god parent , yet relief those boundaries were put in place for it opened up our family again to form old connections with friends from far away back
Buddha , leads me to Krishna & now today Kali
 I'm going deeper , working hard
this is my legacy