Friday, 29 November 2013

Winter Steam Smudges

Winter Steam Smudge
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Winter Forest Smudge ~  a mixture of Cedar Leaf , Balsam Needle , Wintergreen Leaf & Berry  ,  Lemon Peel & spruce believe it or not Winter is my favourite forest season this smudge brings us to the heart of the forest be it deep within the Cedar bog or amongst the snow covered Balsam , seeing and knowing not all are sleeping within the woods . Under Snow's warm coat Wintergreen hides berries red and leaf green mixed with the light scent of citrus this smudge helps lighten , clear the mind and return joy within the heart .
Deep Hearths Ember ~ a blend of  Cinnamon Stick , Whole Cloves , Star Anise , Bear Berry , Rowan leaf & berry , Flower of  Hibiscus ,Pine needle  , Orange  rind & Black Cardamom . The scent of this  deep blend helps bring a strong warmth within . Helping to build inner strength and renewing ancestral connections . These essences  offer loving security  with the remembrance of  protection within the home fire .
A steam smudge is used in the same purpose & intent  a smoked smudge is used  be it magical, spiritual or medicinal . Instead of using smoke steam is used . The most authentic and easy way to do a steam smudge is placing a pan of water on the back of the stove bringing it to a boil and adding the smudge blend to the water . turning down to very low heat letting the steam slowly scent the home throughout the day .  This was a practise learnt from both my grandmother  & mother . Of course a woodstove is best ;-)  One can also carry the pan around the home to bless , cleanse and protect the home smudging in all areas of the home . Steam smudging is an excellent alternative to smoke smudging for those with asthma and also during winter months when doors and windows cannot be open for smoke to escape.

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