Monday, 23 June 2014

Protection Bundles

Protection Bundles
these are personal protection bundles to use in ceremony & ritual work however you find to make it your own . I often bury or place mine in fire .
they contain a mixture of plants collected over seasons & moon fazes
cedar, hawthorn, bittersweet, rowan, feather of raven mixed with oil, salt & rain water

goddess blossom tea

goddess blossom tea
$12  1c
contains : nettle,  red clover leaf & blossom, sweet grass, flower of  pansy, plum blossom , calendula petals, crab apple flower.
this is a wonderful flowering tea both good for health & spirit

Teething Oil

Teething Oil
$12 15ml/ 1/2 oz
contains : grapeseed oil , sweet grass , wild mint & toothache root ( rat root wee kay )
 a very gentle & sweet oil yet also provides the numbing effect for infants cutting those new teeth

Tooth Powder

Tooth Powder
lg $10 4 oz    sm $5 2oz
flavours : Vanilla Clove ( sensitive teeth ), Wintergreen
tooth powder base contains : powdered sterilised clay, baking soda, sea salt, echinacea root , golden seal & xylitol
wintergreen contains : tooth powder base , ground  winter green leaf & berry & wintergreen essential oil
vanilla clove contains : tooth powder base, ground cloves , crushed vanilla beans , clove oil & toothache root aka rat root .

Healing Salve

Healing Salve
$15. 4oz lg.  $5 1oz sm
contains : grape seed oil, beeswax, bear fat, spruce resin, honey, horsetail, arnica, elder flower, daisy leaf, plantain, rat root, calendula, lavender.
this is an extremely gentle  healing salve . works well for very sensitive skin . plants which are know for marvellous & anti bacterial , anti inflammatory properties .used for bruising , cuts, scrapes, & eczema

Intense Muscle & Joint Rub

Intense Muscle & Joint Rub
$15 4oz
contains : grape seed oil , beeswax, bear fat, Balm of Gilead, Arnica, Horsetail, Lavender, Wintergreen leaf & berry, Cedar, Burdock, Seneca Root, Rat Root , essential oils of lavender, eucalyptus, camphor, & wintergreen
Use for sprains , sore muscles , joint pain

Bug Balm

$15. 4oz container
This is a smooth solid balm used to deter those pesky insects
contains : grapeseed oil , beeswax, Cedar , Sage, Lavender, essential oils of Cedar, Lavender & Citronella

Lip Balms

$ 2  1/4oz
flavours : lavender rose, orange & wintergreen
contains : grapeseed oil , beeswax, lanolin , honey, wintergreen leaf & berry, wild rose petals , lavender buds , organic orange peel , essential oils of grapefruit , orange , wintergreen & lavender .
I've just made a new batch of lip balms for summer season
these lip balms are extra creamy compared to some . Most lip balms are poured hot & form as they cool within the container . This lip balm is not . I whip the lip balm so it becomes creamy & smooth then package . I also infuse the oil with petals , buds , peels etc. of the natural ingredients I do not just use essential oils . These are handy sized tins for carrying in your pocket or purse , not to costly so you can afford to pop them into your kids pockets too ;-)

Friday, 28 March 2014

Gentle Soothing Healing Salve ( healing & anti bacterial properties )

Healing Salve is ready !
This is a salve for bruises , cuts & scrapes. the plants used have anti bacterial & anti inflammatory properties & very gentle for sensitive skin .
only have large sz right now . will accept trade or $13.50
Ingredients : grapeseed oil, beeswax, bear fat, honey, spruce sap, horse tail, arnica, elder flower, daisy leaf , plantain & ratroot & calendula

Saturday, 1 March 2014

Ēostre Spring Equinox Sacred Smudge

Ēostre Spring Equinox Sacred Smudge
1c $7
Ingredients: all ingredients are wild harvested & local
Cedar Leaf , Willow Leaf, Hazel Leaf, Birch Leaf ,Spruce Needle , Balsam needle & Resin , Juniper Needle & Green Juniper Berry, Wild Mint , Lilac Flower , Wild Rose Petal, Daisy Petals ,Blue Iris, Forget me not flower ,  Balm of Gilead, Pussy Willow & Clover Blossoms .
Are You Looking for Something to help bring in & represent the return of light , the re-birth , renewal of new life ?
This Sacred Ēostre Smudge can help do just that ! Be it part of Your Equinox ritual or just simply used as a home cleansing after spring cleaning .This Smudge offers scents that awaken & cleanse both the home & spirit .
All Ingredients are hand picked & dried during the Spring season with much love & patience . the season when both snow melts & young buds bloom .


Sunday, 16 February 2014

Tooth Powder New Flavour

 made up a new batch of tooth powder & have made a brand new flavour !
I'm excited about this one because it is a yummy berry flavour .
I chose strawberry because I had always read & heard about strawberry seeds helping to whiten teeth . Plus I wanted a yummy flavour to offer children .
I will be posting an article soon on my other healthy living blog on how to make tooth powder & teeth health once again .

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Lavender Rose Valentine Cookies

Valentine Lavender & Rose Cookies
$6.50 doz & large heart cookie $2.ea
I am making my lavender/rose Valentine cookies again this year .
I will have some for sale .
These are a simple sugar cookie made with the soothing & beautiful taste of flowery goodness .
The cookies have powdered lavender buds & wild rose petals blended in the mix .
Topped with a rose water icing then beautifully sprinkled with lovely rose & lavender bits .
All cookies are heart shaped .I just did not have a picture of the smaller cookies in heart shape right now .