Saturday, 1 March 2014

Ēostre Spring Equinox Sacred Smudge

Ēostre Spring Equinox Sacred Smudge
1c $7
Ingredients: all ingredients are wild harvested & local
Cedar Leaf , Willow Leaf, Hazel Leaf, Birch Leaf ,Spruce Needle , Balsam needle & Resin , Juniper Needle & Green Juniper Berry, Wild Mint , Lilac Flower , Wild Rose Petal, Daisy Petals ,Blue Iris, Forget me not flower ,  Balm of Gilead, Pussy Willow & Clover Blossoms .
Are You Looking for Something to help bring in & represent the return of light , the re-birth , renewal of new life ?
This Sacred Ēostre Smudge can help do just that ! Be it part of Your Equinox ritual or just simply used as a home cleansing after spring cleaning .This Smudge offers scents that awaken & cleanse both the home & spirit .
All Ingredients are hand picked & dried during the Spring season with much love & patience . the season when both snow melts & young buds bloom .


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