Monday, 23 June 2014

Lip Balms

$ 2  1/4oz
flavours : lavender rose, orange & wintergreen
contains : grapeseed oil , beeswax, lanolin , honey, wintergreen leaf & berry, wild rose petals , lavender buds , organic orange peel , essential oils of grapefruit , orange , wintergreen & lavender .
I've just made a new batch of lip balms for summer season
these lip balms are extra creamy compared to some . Most lip balms are poured hot & form as they cool within the container . This lip balm is not . I whip the lip balm so it becomes creamy & smooth then package . I also infuse the oil with petals , buds , peels etc. of the natural ingredients I do not just use essential oils . These are handy sized tins for carrying in your pocket or purse , not to costly so you can afford to pop them into your kids pockets too ;-)

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