Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Berry Harvest an Art

Berry harvest is an art just like any other gathering . know how to properly remove , identify when time to harvest & acknowledging all plants in the harvest area . I know , many people will roll their eyes . thinking " dam , its berry picking . give me a break. what is so hard about berry picking . its easy . go pick the berries "
well, If you harvest properly you can get 2-3 harvests as well as leaving some for wildlife . when selecting berries , what appears ripe may not actually be so. blue berries especially but also saskatoons can appear to look ripe in colour but if you look closely they are still changing from purple/ red to blue/purple . it is easy to be an impatient picker ( thats me !!! ) Yet it is so worth the 3 day wait ! it helps fruit maximize full nutrients instead of having to ripen off plant when no more goodness is being received via the mother plant . also first harvest is a delicate time . no , really it is . if you do not harvest properly you will take the green berries along with the ripe . if this is done then thats it no more harvest for us or the critters .
& no don't have a fit if you or your little ones get green berries . it happens . just if we are aware of it then we are careful & less green come off & are able to ripen .
so to pick , you actually are not really picking at all . it is more a pinch & roll method . use your thumb & pointer finger usually & sort of gently pinch the plant at the berries location , then roll with thumb & finger into your palm . there you go . the ripe berries absolutely just roll off because yes , they are ready ! the others , the green & not so ripe yet do not loosen off the plant & remain intact . waiting for yet another harvest in a week or so .
when harvesting , remember to keep in mind time of day . try to do your collecting of berries during the cool of the day like early mornings & evenings . Berries sweat if picked in the heat of the day & tend to mush up from this heat .
in order to clean berries , DRY CLEAN THEM ! This means pick over them DRY ! Do not bathe them ( if you even need to ) until finished dry cleaning them . if you try & clean them wet every little stick , juniper needle & bug sticks to them !
Instead pour a single layer of berries on a cookie sheet & pick through them dry ! easy peasy !

Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Medicine Spirit Bags (2007 )

Medicine Spirit bags can be a personal bag which we wear on our person that reminds us of whom we are , how we walk with spirit and our true callings .
However a medicine/spirit bag be similar to it is not the same as an amulet or a talisman or fetish .
A medicine bag is to always remain on your person .
It contains herbs, plants , trees, other items which are personal to you .
so for example in my small personal medicine bag I have a mixture of my plants & trees , a small piece of spruce & copal resin . a bit of eagle feather a silver quarter from the yr in which I was conceived , a scapular , my hair a bit of tobacco . I can add or take from this bag , what I am not to do is give this bag to anyone else .
It is a part of me unlike an amulet or talisman I may share that with another .
Over the yrs as we had children I made them each a medicine bag personal to them . I also did this for children of friends .

this is my personal bag right now . I am working on a bigger one to have with my shaman belt .
I love the colour deep Indigo blue my teacher picked out for me and the infinity or metis symbol which came to me when I was reconnecting with my calling .

I also make up these very inexpensive bags for kids class I taught . they are mini bundles , People can carry easily on their person in a pocket etc. these are sort of nice because they also act as aroma therapy . All they need do is rub the bag a bit and the scent of their personal medicines drifts up , It clears the head and basically connects us to spirit right away .
So many inner city children are drifting not knowing who they are or to what they belong  & a part of. This is a very quick easy reminder for them .
You can make up your own bag , pray about it first , ask the plants , animals , ancestors etc. who walk with you always to remind you . spend time slowly gathering your teachers .
think about materials you wish to use , what symbols etc.
you can then once it is all assembled have a blessing time to spirit .
 Give prayers of gratitude , respect & honour .
you may wear your bag round your neck as traditionally often was done . However now people are more self conscious , may not want others to see or like me things round your neck feel awkward if over a certain weight & size.
so you can just carry in your pocket or like me I tie mine up short on my belt loop or pin onto my skirt .
I do not recommend keeping in your purse or back pack etc. #1 because it is not close enough to your person & #2 we often misplace our purses or worse another may be tempted to steal a purse and then you are without your medicine .
 also if a bag does go missing we must remember to also once again do a prayer to disconnect us from that medicine and return it fully to spirit .

Monday, 29 February 2016

Moon Daughters & Sisters

Moon Sisters & Daughters , you know we all have them & we are all moon daughters .I am a moon daughter to my mother & grandmother .  My last writing was regarding moon mothers /grandmothers. Those women who nurture me in that motherly/grandmotherly way . This is about equally giving women who yes some also provide mothering to others yet are often younger than myself , children or the same age as my daughters . Women who also give to me deeply but I am connected to in a very similar way . Women I am often extremely protective of . Women I share with & provide nourishment to as they do me .
Women growing .
The younger generation  the ones I as grandmother see & know are my reason to give & share for they are the next generation & raising our next generations .
Being grandmother/Mother we protect without binding or forming codependency .
We teach in order that our daughters may be wiser than we are . We allow growth to form individuality . Moon Daughters do not copy they take a teaching & immerse it within their being making their own self work  .
As these women grow I need to be here for them . Provide comfort for when they experience persecution , are tired from their parenting , when they feel drained from societal pressures. rest from the often hypersensitive emotional experiences in young lives  .
Moon sisters & daughters are the next moon mothers/grandmothers . some are mothers already yet not quite grandmotherly . The longing & want to be old at times but not there yet .
They are the love mommas & soul sisters .
Protectresses need to keep the flow open for these moon daughters ! Think of how many times a materialistic over emotional distraught world blocked us when we were younger . We grandmothers know all to well how we would've flown had we not had those societal blocks .
So it is extremely important to me that these girls & young women have the access to bloom .
I look to myself & my own mother & the things that stood in our way stifling our gifts .
 So if a moon daughter can have the freedom to let her spirit rise from child onward . This is an amazing goal to have & brings warmth to my core & silent smiles to my face .
As moon daughters we are often impatient & react to soon . This diminishes over time & we grow into having patience to stand in reflective time . Yet that stage is so important . We cannot take those experiences of trial & failings away either . Yes we get tired & drained but these are lessons needed .
So I offer my granny space for when my daughters need to come home just as my mother or older ones offer me .
of course I have my own two beautiful medicine daughters Natasha Rose & Jasmine Milan
 have sisters  who are also my daughters whom I feel very protective of , they give so much & share so much  Emily , Cari , Rachel , Arwen , Melanie, Kayce, Jaclyn, Hannah,  Jo, Lorraine,   Sam, Alison,  Sarah, Mona , Sonja,  Boe, Kim ,Melissa, Kara , Shalynn,  ......... Some I will not mention ;-)
I meditate on them , sending blessings & washing them in moonlight

Sunday, 28 February 2016

Sweet Poem

Sweet Poem
awakened by sweet poem that she is
forever daughter
children will be an old wish
anam cara of an eagle son
snow swept waters
souls on winter winds
people of spruce under indigo skies
sleeping giant & inuksuk arms
lingering sadness & yet love deep rises
reflected in a poem , stays silent in a dream

Saturday, 27 February 2016

moon mothers/grandmothers

Moon Mothers/Grandmothers we all have them .
These are the comforters , the protectresses we go to . They are always there , open . Non threatening . Providing safe space & more importantly the safe person .
The place & person You can be small with . You can let go with , the non judging one . The one who offers You cradling , ears , soft words , clear sight & straight direction . Discerning thought offered in slow calm manner .
The person whom has helped You be true to self & able to encounter yet another day in the world when you leave her presence & space .
Some may think that while I am now a grandmother I am ever strong that I do not need nurturing , comfort , wise words . Well I do .
So when the world gets to me in to many attacks , shaming , beat down & worn I go to my mothers & grandmothers .
Some are living so I can actually go & have physical comfort . Some are in spirit yet reflection is always with them & their experience & wisdom shine on me .
I am blessed I still have with me my mother . My mother teaches & offers me goodness .
When I need I have the spirit of my grandmother great grandmother & great aunts .
I have saints & sinners women similar in style , similar in persecution felt .
Hildegard , Momma T, Kateri, Dorothy Day, Yotanka , Paula , Polly ,Dallas, Rachel, Therese, Dorothy, Lore, Tina, Dana, Mary, Patrice, Susan , Linda M, Audrey,    Catherine Young , Raven Lang , Jeannine Parvati Baker , Gladys Cook , Linda Mc, Audrey Logan ,Adrienne,  Susanne McCrea, Darlene Birch
Stevie Nicks , Loreena Mckennit , Buffy Sainte Marie , Elizabeth Cotton
Many of these women are my dear friends &  are moon women who offer this moon mothering/grandmothering
This is who I am , a moon mother/grandmother
I had been meditating on this long the other day . I have had to take a break from FB again . In my croning this is happening more & more with the new moon
I need comfort from words hurting
persecution . I know this is what we do as humans . Every single person does it . Most don't admit or own it but everyone does .
I am no different in that & I do own it & have sorrow for hurts caused . I also experience pain via others . I need to heal .
As we learn how to heal we begin to know that recovery from victimhood does not mean we will never experience victimization ever again . Never be hurt again by others , rather we learn how we need to heal & heal in healthy ways . Mine is retreat , reflection & forgiveness .
I seek nature , I seek comfort , I seek wisdom , I seek understanding .
So I go to my moon mothers & grandmothers .
As I was meditating I was thinking on my cronehood . Something I shall write about in future for this is a stage in life as motherhood . Which did not just happen in one step but many forward, backward & standing still steps.
I have had people question my grandmotherhood. People wishing me to remain always mother . I am not always mother . I am grandmother . I know the day I became grandmother in my strength . It was year 4 into my grandmothering . A child so broken by an abusive bully crying in my car . I as mediator had chosen to see both sides of the parents struggle in separation . Giving chance for both to not make the experience about self but rather be parent for child . This was not happening . A spirit was being broken & abused . The destruction of a child's soul , the purposeful tormenting of the soul innocent I will never tolerate . I have had to hide children before from abusers . Offering shelter & protection . My own children & friends of my children . This moment was even stronger than that & I cannot explain for it is only in that true moment of grandparenthood one will be . I saw purpose , the next generation is the importance . I that moment became true grandmother as I drove towards home with my grandchild now drained to point of exhaustion sleeping yet not in a peaceful way rather a tormented sleep brought on my exposure to absolute lunacy of an adult no where near deserving of title of parent . So I took him .I held him . We spent 3 weeks while the supposed justice system decided his fate . I nurtured him in nature , read books , held him as he cried missing the parent who did provide true love could not be with him .
So you can see yes I am Boreal granny now . I know it , regardless of the shaming of others .
So I know true mothering /grandparenting & I know we all need this
Yesterday a beautiful friend came over . Not staying long . We shared . She brought along a beautiful set of cards she had just acquired . She offered me to chose one . I cut the set .  counted 3 . 3rd card . goddess of midwifery . Yes goddess of the big belly Haumea of birth , vegetation , of all things come . A goddess of birth of strength . Mother giving .
Yes she is mothering me , she is in me .I am her she is me .
I return to the women who have not judged me . The ones who gave to me so freely . Who Loved .
So I in turn can heal & grow again . Giving birth to myself yet again . So I may offer comfort to those others who need moon mothering . I will hold them, I will offer nourishment , I will offer ears & soft words , I will offer reflection & the time in which to do it with.
I am moon mother /grandmother as those who came before me & are with me now
spending time nourishing & growing
 listening to Kellianna I walk with the goddess because it soothes my soul
great grandmother Shafia ( Sophie )

great Aunties Freda & Lebebe ( Louisia)

great Auntie Freda ( center )

Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Fund Raising

Fund Raising
I am putting together a few Fund Raising pages in order to raise funds for upcoming courses .
So why fund raising ?
Well , while I am officially now  certified hypnotherapist & folk healer I wish to continue my course work in Folk Healing & also get my Master Hypnotherapist Certificate.
Many who know me know that I work in what is alternative & traditional therapies.
Those who come to me come because the institutional type of therapies have not & are not working for them .
Using Alternative Therapies also means one does not receive nor have access to government educational funding nor are t6he therapies covered via insurance .
Thus people within the Alternative Therapies communities must raise their own funds to continue in learning .
 I also do not feel it selfish to ask for assistance in raising funds.
Many I work with are also of low income . I trade & give a lot freely . I also for those who wish to offer via $ provide a sliding scale .
It would be wonderful if we lived within society which would support me so I could be provided with shelter, food , clothing etc. but it does not work that way.
In order for myself to learn I also need to pay my teachers.
While I am open to receiving donations of any amount I also have put together a list of items & services which I can offer in return . As well as contact information.
my prices are actually not full prices because I although certified feel I am still so new to practicing hypnotherapy & TLT I do not charge what my instructor & others who have been practicing for many yrs charge plus I am still continuing to train via other courses
I know You All know I am grateful but I will say it anyway
Thank You from my heart !
Items & Services

Limpia $60
Past Life Regression $60
Limpia & Clay Therapy $80
Past Life & Limpia $100
Past Life, Limpia & Clay Therapy $120
Soul Photo $25
Personal Smudge $15
Soul Photo & Personal Smudge $35
Protection or Healing Bundle $35
Protection or Healing Bundle & Folk Magic $55
Bath Tea $15
Salt Scrub $15
Sugar Scrub $15
Yoni Tisane $15
Bath Tea & Salt or Sugar Scrub $25
Yoni Tea, Bath Tea & Salt or Sugar Scrub $40
2 Teas & Tooth Powder $30
2 Teas & Healing Salve $30
2 Teas & Intense Rub $30
3 Teas, Healing Salve, Intense Rub & Tooth Powder $60
3 Day Fast ~ 3 Teas, 3 Bath Teas & Personal Smudge $60
For Info, Consultation & Ordering Contact :   or message the Womb of Willow FB pg. 

Friday, 29 January 2016

what's happening ?

So  seriously trying to get myself & my practice organized !
What does that mean ?!
LOL well trying not to be all over the place regarding my business . Adding some discipline & organization skills into what to offer people & what is distraction . Also allowing time for my family & crafting . Me time .
 So I am trying to have just one facebook business page . One web site with blogging & business .
The goal is to have a practice which will also provide an income so that my partner can leave his job here in the city & just work from home in the country .
Hopefully our combined incomes will provide to support our family .
 I also still which to offer services via barter/trade as well as offer items to raise money for causes I support such as child abuse & the wild horses .
 I hope via my hypnotherapy & folk practitioner services I can do this .
 Offering product as well as healing services in the areas I am trained in .
Also teaching workshops & apprenticing the younger generation .
So these are my goals for 2016
I am hoping to get some offerings up soon so that people will know exactly what it is I am offering .
 There is also a dream of mine I seriously hope will come to fruition .
That being that a women's co-op be formed .
working together healing & empowering each other , sharing teachings , offering services to others , letting others know of each others gifts & product .

Saturday, 23 January 2016


Legacy , we are all responsible for our own . It comes down to it being that simple . Yet we do live in world which we tend to use anything & everything to reason why we had no part in it or are responsible for our choice .
I am speaking adults here . As I continue to write the obit of a predator a pedophile this is what it comes down to . what we leave behind .
As I have grown into my grand parenting it becomes ever more my focus & importance .
 It does not mean I do not have failings , have distraction & do not experience wrong choice or idiotic moments . What my legacy will & does include is that acknowledgement of those failings !
So rather than leaving behind a pile of undone crap , the hope is an example of what efforts were taken to make self, the world , empower others .
What I leave behind for my children & grand children should in fact help them be better people than I was . Not leave them left with undone hurts , angry at others & hurting the world .
 I have also been dealing with this issue again as teacher as giver . Those who steal & misuse under the guise of good but turn the teaching into enabling their own falsehood .
The purpose of sharing , teaching is to help another become empowered to then in turn use this knowledge , techniques , to create in themselves their own uniqueness . Even shown a gardening skill each individual will make that their own . no two gardens will look a like even if having the same teacher & lesson . does that make sense ?
 So yes when I have someone sit across from me & repeat to me a teaching I gave them as if it was their own amazing bit of knowledge . well its a shocker to me . & it is evident when it happens the intent & purpose of that teaching is gone , lost.
 For the purpose in which it is being used is for self promotion not self growth .
It is trying to mimic that of another rather than to make it your own .
What I am seeing though is how deep this personal behaviour is . It is a lifetime of a practiced belief of not being confident in self . Always trying to grasp & take what another has . Not loving of true self . This is deeper than passing fazes of self doubt .
 This is a want , perhaps a need . well of course it is a need of self love .
 it is no different than the children down the street taking toys of another child .
 So while I also know I have no control of what someone does with a teaching , a gift given I do have control over whom I share with .
 I do as teacher test people .
 I do not for example take people who wish to wild harvest with me out to sacred harvesting sites . No I first take to a more public location where many already pick .
I can then evaluate if they truly are called to be a gatherer . Because not everyone is . Especially wild gathering .
I also if I observe someone stealing for the purpose to boost ego & mimic the life of another will stop offering them teachings . It becomes a waste of time & is an insult to those passing on teachings .

I have great patience , tolerance & forgiveness . Understanding the why we as humans have formed poor choice & behaviours , beliefs . However it does not mean I enable such negative actions to continue .
 It also does not mean I will never encounter another harmful person ever again . It just means I now know over time , work , healing how to deal with this .
 So am I responsible for actions of another ?
 Well to some degree yes I am . My children learn from me . They take on ways in which to live . Both negative & positive . so in a way I am .
 Yet I cannot control an action of another adult .
 However not being responsible does not mean I am not effected by the actions either.
I am saddened , bewildered , surprised .
I can also feel protective . Of that which is being abused & using in malicious ways .
This was a person I had known to be one who does the repeating your own teaching back to you as if their own amazing enlightened thought . A person who perhaps a visionary believes they are the only one to share vision , must be followed & is the all knowing guru . Ok that is one thing & while I know she is misleading others how holy she is & above them what really got me was not the ego self promoting crap . No it was learning that
   the teaching on & regarding friends & acquaintances' , liking & love of all  was used to harm another .
Yes that is right . The teaching I personally gave , that was given to me . I gave this teaching to help heal this person at the time . It did heal them just as it did me .
Yet this person went turned & used this same teaching , spoke the words as if her own . To manipulate & be mean spirited to another .
This is out & out the opposite of purpose & intent .
Yet who shall be remembered for what ?
 Legacy , yes in the end my actions , intent & focus really are important .