Saturday, 23 January 2016


Legacy , we are all responsible for our own . It comes down to it being that simple . Yet we do live in world which we tend to use anything & everything to reason why we had no part in it or are responsible for our choice .
I am speaking adults here . As I continue to write the obit of a predator a pedophile this is what it comes down to . what we leave behind .
As I have grown into my grand parenting it becomes ever more my focus & importance .
 It does not mean I do not have failings , have distraction & do not experience wrong choice or idiotic moments . What my legacy will & does include is that acknowledgement of those failings !
So rather than leaving behind a pile of undone crap , the hope is an example of what efforts were taken to make self, the world , empower others .
What I leave behind for my children & grand children should in fact help them be better people than I was . Not leave them left with undone hurts , angry at others & hurting the world .
 I have also been dealing with this issue again as teacher as giver . Those who steal & misuse under the guise of good but turn the teaching into enabling their own falsehood .
The purpose of sharing , teaching is to help another become empowered to then in turn use this knowledge , techniques , to create in themselves their own uniqueness . Even shown a gardening skill each individual will make that their own . no two gardens will look a like even if having the same teacher & lesson . does that make sense ?
 So yes when I have someone sit across from me & repeat to me a teaching I gave them as if it was their own amazing bit of knowledge . well its a shocker to me . & it is evident when it happens the intent & purpose of that teaching is gone , lost.
 For the purpose in which it is being used is for self promotion not self growth .
It is trying to mimic that of another rather than to make it your own .
What I am seeing though is how deep this personal behaviour is . It is a lifetime of a practiced belief of not being confident in self . Always trying to grasp & take what another has . Not loving of true self . This is deeper than passing fazes of self doubt .
 This is a want , perhaps a need . well of course it is a need of self love .
 it is no different than the children down the street taking toys of another child .
 So while I also know I have no control of what someone does with a teaching , a gift given I do have control over whom I share with .
 I do as teacher test people .
 I do not for example take people who wish to wild harvest with me out to sacred harvesting sites . No I first take to a more public location where many already pick .
I can then evaluate if they truly are called to be a gatherer . Because not everyone is . Especially wild gathering .
I also if I observe someone stealing for the purpose to boost ego & mimic the life of another will stop offering them teachings . It becomes a waste of time & is an insult to those passing on teachings .

I have great patience , tolerance & forgiveness . Understanding the why we as humans have formed poor choice & behaviours , beliefs . However it does not mean I enable such negative actions to continue .
 It also does not mean I will never encounter another harmful person ever again . It just means I now know over time , work , healing how to deal with this .
 So am I responsible for actions of another ?
 Well to some degree yes I am . My children learn from me . They take on ways in which to live . Both negative & positive . so in a way I am .
 Yet I cannot control an action of another adult .
 However not being responsible does not mean I am not effected by the actions either.
I am saddened , bewildered , surprised .
I can also feel protective . Of that which is being abused & using in malicious ways .
This was a person I had known to be one who does the repeating your own teaching back to you as if their own amazing enlightened thought . A person who perhaps a visionary believes they are the only one to share vision , must be followed & is the all knowing guru . Ok that is one thing & while I know she is misleading others how holy she is & above them what really got me was not the ego self promoting crap . No it was learning that
   the teaching on & regarding friends & acquaintances' , liking & love of all  was used to harm another .
Yes that is right . The teaching I personally gave , that was given to me . I gave this teaching to help heal this person at the time . It did heal them just as it did me .
Yet this person went turned & used this same teaching , spoke the words as if her own . To manipulate & be mean spirited to another .
This is out & out the opposite of purpose & intent .
Yet who shall be remembered for what ?
 Legacy , yes in the end my actions , intent & focus really are important .

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