Friday, 29 January 2016

what's happening ?

So  seriously trying to get myself & my practice organized !
What does that mean ?!
LOL well trying not to be all over the place regarding my business . Adding some discipline & organization skills into what to offer people & what is distraction . Also allowing time for my family & crafting . Me time .
 So I am trying to have just one facebook business page . One web site with blogging & business .
The goal is to have a practice which will also provide an income so that my partner can leave his job here in the city & just work from home in the country .
Hopefully our combined incomes will provide to support our family .
 I also still which to offer services via barter/trade as well as offer items to raise money for causes I support such as child abuse & the wild horses .
 I hope via my hypnotherapy & folk practitioner services I can do this .
 Offering product as well as healing services in the areas I am trained in .
Also teaching workshops & apprenticing the younger generation .
So these are my goals for 2016
I am hoping to get some offerings up soon so that people will know exactly what it is I am offering .
 There is also a dream of mine I seriously hope will come to fruition .
That being that a women's co-op be formed .
working together healing & empowering each other , sharing teachings , offering services to others , letting others know of each others gifts & product .

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