Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Fund Raising

Fund Raising
I am putting together a few Fund Raising pages in order to raise funds for upcoming courses .
So why fund raising ?
Well , while I am officially now  certified hypnotherapist & folk healer I wish to continue my course work in Folk Healing & also get my Master Hypnotherapist Certificate.
Many who know me know that I work in what is alternative & traditional therapies.
Those who come to me come because the institutional type of therapies have not & are not working for them .
Using Alternative Therapies also means one does not receive nor have access to government educational funding nor are t6he therapies covered via insurance .
Thus people within the Alternative Therapies communities must raise their own funds to continue in learning .
 I also do not feel it selfish to ask for assistance in raising funds.
Many I work with are also of low income . I trade & give a lot freely . I also for those who wish to offer via $ provide a sliding scale .
It would be wonderful if we lived within society which would support me so I could be provided with shelter, food , clothing etc. but it does not work that way.
In order for myself to learn I also need to pay my teachers.
While I am open to receiving donations of any amount I also have put together a list of items & services which I can offer in return . As well as contact information.
my prices are actually not full prices because I although certified feel I am still so new to practicing hypnotherapy & TLT I do not charge what my instructor & others who have been practicing for many yrs charge plus I am still continuing to train via other courses
I know You All know I am grateful but I will say it anyway
Thank You from my heart !
Items & Services

Limpia $60
Past Life Regression $60
Limpia & Clay Therapy $80
Past Life & Limpia $100
Past Life, Limpia & Clay Therapy $120
Soul Photo $25
Personal Smudge $15
Soul Photo & Personal Smudge $35
Protection or Healing Bundle $35
Protection or Healing Bundle & Folk Magic $55
Bath Tea $15
Salt Scrub $15
Sugar Scrub $15
Yoni Tisane $15
Bath Tea & Salt or Sugar Scrub $25
Yoni Tea, Bath Tea & Salt or Sugar Scrub $40
2 Teas & Tooth Powder $30
2 Teas & Healing Salve $30
2 Teas & Intense Rub $30
3 Teas, Healing Salve, Intense Rub & Tooth Powder $60
3 Day Fast ~ 3 Teas, 3 Bath Teas & Personal Smudge $60
For Info, Consultation & Ordering Contact :   or message the Womb of Willow FB pg. 

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