Saturday, 27 February 2016

moon mothers/grandmothers

Moon Mothers/Grandmothers we all have them .
These are the comforters , the protectresses we go to . They are always there , open . Non threatening . Providing safe space & more importantly the safe person .
The place & person You can be small with . You can let go with , the non judging one . The one who offers You cradling , ears , soft words , clear sight & straight direction . Discerning thought offered in slow calm manner .
The person whom has helped You be true to self & able to encounter yet another day in the world when you leave her presence & space .
Some may think that while I am now a grandmother I am ever strong that I do not need nurturing , comfort , wise words . Well I do .
So when the world gets to me in to many attacks , shaming , beat down & worn I go to my mothers & grandmothers .
Some are living so I can actually go & have physical comfort . Some are in spirit yet reflection is always with them & their experience & wisdom shine on me .
I am blessed I still have with me my mother . My mother teaches & offers me goodness .
When I need I have the spirit of my grandmother great grandmother & great aunts .
I have saints & sinners women similar in style , similar in persecution felt .
Hildegard , Momma T, Kateri, Dorothy Day, Yotanka , Paula , Polly ,Dallas, Rachel, Therese, Dorothy, Lore, Tina, Dana, Mary, Patrice, Susan , Linda M, Audrey,    Catherine Young , Raven Lang , Jeannine Parvati Baker , Gladys Cook , Linda Mc, Audrey Logan ,Adrienne,  Susanne McCrea, Darlene Birch
Stevie Nicks , Loreena Mckennit , Buffy Sainte Marie , Elizabeth Cotton
Many of these women are my dear friends &  are moon women who offer this moon mothering/grandmothering
This is who I am , a moon mother/grandmother
I had been meditating on this long the other day . I have had to take a break from FB again . In my croning this is happening more & more with the new moon
I need comfort from words hurting
persecution . I know this is what we do as humans . Every single person does it . Most don't admit or own it but everyone does .
I am no different in that & I do own it & have sorrow for hurts caused . I also experience pain via others . I need to heal .
As we learn how to heal we begin to know that recovery from victimhood does not mean we will never experience victimization ever again . Never be hurt again by others , rather we learn how we need to heal & heal in healthy ways . Mine is retreat , reflection & forgiveness .
I seek nature , I seek comfort , I seek wisdom , I seek understanding .
So I go to my moon mothers & grandmothers .
As I was meditating I was thinking on my cronehood . Something I shall write about in future for this is a stage in life as motherhood . Which did not just happen in one step but many forward, backward & standing still steps.
I have had people question my grandmotherhood. People wishing me to remain always mother . I am not always mother . I am grandmother . I know the day I became grandmother in my strength . It was year 4 into my grandmothering . A child so broken by an abusive bully crying in my car . I as mediator had chosen to see both sides of the parents struggle in separation . Giving chance for both to not make the experience about self but rather be parent for child . This was not happening . A spirit was being broken & abused . The destruction of a child's soul , the purposeful tormenting of the soul innocent I will never tolerate . I have had to hide children before from abusers . Offering shelter & protection . My own children & friends of my children . This moment was even stronger than that & I cannot explain for it is only in that true moment of grandparenthood one will be . I saw purpose , the next generation is the importance . I that moment became true grandmother as I drove towards home with my grandchild now drained to point of exhaustion sleeping yet not in a peaceful way rather a tormented sleep brought on my exposure to absolute lunacy of an adult no where near deserving of title of parent . So I took him .I held him . We spent 3 weeks while the supposed justice system decided his fate . I nurtured him in nature , read books , held him as he cried missing the parent who did provide true love could not be with him .
So you can see yes I am Boreal granny now . I know it , regardless of the shaming of others .
So I know true mothering /grandparenting & I know we all need this
Yesterday a beautiful friend came over . Not staying long . We shared . She brought along a beautiful set of cards she had just acquired . She offered me to chose one . I cut the set .  counted 3 . 3rd card . goddess of midwifery . Yes goddess of the big belly Haumea of birth , vegetation , of all things come . A goddess of birth of strength . Mother giving .
Yes she is mothering me , she is in me .I am her she is me .
I return to the women who have not judged me . The ones who gave to me so freely . Who Loved .
So I in turn can heal & grow again . Giving birth to myself yet again . So I may offer comfort to those others who need moon mothering . I will hold them, I will offer nourishment , I will offer ears & soft words , I will offer reflection & the time in which to do it with.
I am moon mother /grandmother as those who came before me & are with me now
spending time nourishing & growing
 listening to Kellianna I walk with the goddess because it soothes my soul
great grandmother Shafia ( Sophie )

great Aunties Freda & Lebebe ( Louisia)

great Auntie Freda ( center )

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