Friday, 26 May 2017

Terming it Wild ..........when word becomes trend


This is a Wild Craft

Ok then , I'm just going to come out & say it , I can't stand the term wild crafting . There I said it !
Yep I can't stand it , that term ............ this is a bitchy granny rant . I post love , I post sadness , I write bitchy shit . If you don't like , well, I just told you I'm bitchy ..............
Personally I love terms when used in proper place , when they are deserving of that which true intention , true realism & passion are behind it . Usually used in reference in regards to origin of the connection of beginnings .
This is why people who are raised & grew up in folk traditions do not use the term wildcrafting in regards to wild medicine & food collectings . We are harvesting , collecting , picking , pinching . Anyway Its like sticking the term liberal to all whatever stereotype box or conservative etc. the terms are really misused & mis represented
Wild Harvesting : The collection of Traditional & Indigenous Food/Medicine

Wild Foods are not those that people have taken seed & cultivated within their own space or even within the bush This is not even wild gardening it is Indigenous gardening & it is has & always have been done by traditional peoples . My dear sister teaches this I trade her wild food for Indigenous gardened food .
I plan to cultivate nettle on our land this is Indigenous now not wild . Wild means the plant actually seeded itself brought in on clothing , wind, animal dung .............
Wild Food & Medicine :

Indigenous Cedar I planted from seed not Wild & Wild Cedar Harvest

Wild Crafting , my grandfather was an amazing wild crafter , he crafted tools , he crafted canoes , he saw images in wood & bone , he built an amazing log home , he crafted fireplaces & stone steps that still exists long after 100 yrs within the community . He was a crafter he actually rarely was a harvester . getting the picture ?
Wild Crafting  &  Traditional Folk Art :

Another term that is now trendy I'd no idea how trendy it had become I remember a few of us who learn via traditional ways were discussing pagan/witch labels back in 2008 . We ( I was one of them ) said how we used the terms lay & folk because we are not classically trained via priestesses etc. in fact we connected with our common roots , its how we learnt & trained all our lives . many of us coming from traditional medicine folk people . it doesn't mean we don't read , attend courses but that is not our first mode of learning . we didn't set out to become nurses , botanists  & then return to learn traditional ways . it is the other way around for us . We always were the folk spiritualists the animists , the midwives , the horse doctors ...........
So it is incredibly insulting to me when the university trained come in pickup on a tradition & fad & label themselves folk practitioners etc. no You are a hobbyist . a folk witch hobbyist .Heck I don't even call myself a witch . I'm not . I am however a folk spiritualist practitioner midwife etc.
 Just like if I get a horse , a goat & some chickens I'm a farmer but actually in reality a hobby farmer . I've no intention of becoming a farmer .
Folk Magic /Spiritual :

Wild Women / People
some are urban some are rural & some are out of this world
 we eat dirt & have all kinds of shit in our hair
we know our region , the sky,  wind, soils ,  the calls of other wild ones

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