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To Divine ~ Divination

To Divine ~ Divination
The ability to foresee, usually regarding the future
Many who practice any form of spirituality, Magical practice , even religion believe in & use many forms of divination .
Some groups believe anyone can divine , I'm one of those people . some groups only believe only a chosen person can divine .
While I believe we all can divine , because frankly we all have sight , even those we label blind have the ability to divine .
What I do not believe is that divination has to be one method , or all people divine in the same way . Even those who divine using the same method will divine in their own & unique way .
This isn't some long over drawn post & elaborate study on divination .
I'm just giving a few examples of different means of divination  Sharing ideas , of how I divine & perhaps how others do too.
Hey think of the art of diving water ! The water diviner ! Yes to foresee water !
That is divination
I'm mostly , well really just use folk methods of divination . perhaps the only divination I use would have at one time been an elitist form of divination . That is the art of bibliomancy .
Divination through reading .
 This for me is the actually probably the only form of divination which I use on my personal self . why ? because I can't manipulate the outcome LOL
 No kidding . This is what most who are full time diviners do they often do not ever do what is termed " a reading " on themselves .
Why because you want to control your outcome , that's why
A wonderful teacup reader I met told me she rarely reads her own cup , same with a card reader I know , why because you want to manipulate the reading .usually . not always but in my case usually I would .
 So yes get this Tarot , never , I have purchased how many decks . My family & friends laugh because I've turned up at their doors with yet another deck to give away that I absolutely am not using .
Weird eh as most of my ways are via sight & the sole reason I purchase tarot , visual LOL . Yes that's me , a terrible hoarder of calendars & tarot decks .
all because of the images .
So for self yes the art of divining through the written word , this was most commonly done via use of the bible , by folk common people , but before who knows when really just the wealthy could read & write usually . yet really any good old book will do . I tend to like day books & saint books , folkore stories as well.
I like most people have several ways of divining , the method I use most is that of omens , almost always . based on the wind , the sky , behavior of animals etc. omens are signs , some are learned from hereditary means others are just knowing  & the results after. experience is a big part of omen divination . feathers of eagle & other birds , presence of deer , finding antlers etc.
another form of divination I really like & enjoy is that of scrying , most practice this via using glass or water . I absolutely get nothing when using glass , however I love both fire & water divination .
While I'm not practiced at it I am really interested in the throwing of the bones for divination .
I have a big collection of jaw bones & I've tried several times to read them I didn't get much from it though so perhaps they have different purpose .
Then there is the reading of people , yes it is just like reading plants , animals , stones etc. some people like my eldest is amazing at reading animals , of course divination of people is also knowing human behavior mostly , which in turn helps us see what is to come .
for those who work with folk methods of divination it is often difficult to explain or put in words , it is often a more hands on , experiential form of knowing through time & familiarity .
I've a cousin who reads tea leaves ! This is now her business , I haven't a clue how to divine a tea leaf & I know it took her yrs to be so gifted at it . I believe she wrote a book about it as well.
Anyway below are some images of just a few examples of folk methods of divining .
Again I believe anyone can divine , so what might you use , what & how do you divine ?
Which brings me to the why of this post LOL
Tarot ! Tarot giveaway !
 Yes I'm giving away a deck
I haven't had a giveaway in who knows how long , why not yet another set I don't get anything out of but someone else may .
  going to post the giveaway & draw date in a different post

Scrying Fire , either outdoors or in

Candle reading , one can read both the fire & the wax

seeds ! yes reading the seeds , I loved reading these pomegranate seeds

bones a many in this house

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