Monday, 12 February 2018

Seeking Birth Family : Noreen Ann McGarava, MB. Canada

Adoption Search Birth Family
Noreen Ann McGarva
Birth Date  : June 19th 1954
Adoption Date : July 15th 1954
Adopted Name : Sally Diane Manwaring
Adopted Sibling : Steven David Welch ( Francis Duane Manwaring )
Adoptive Parents : Francis McDonald Manwaring & Margaret Evelyn Manwaring ( nee Dunn )
I am placing this post for the search of the birth family of Noreen Ann McGarva adopted at birth
This was the birth family of my ex the bio father of my eldest child . My daughter is not a blood relation .
We are actually searching for the birth family of my ex so that our daughter may learn & connect with her heritage .
I felt the need to also put Sally's birth information out there in case her birth family is searching for her also .
I'd like to be able to help in what way I can if they are wanting to find some history of her .
please if you have any information on the birth family of Noreen Ann McGarva contact us






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