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Seeking Birth Family: Steven David Welch, MB Canada

Adoption Search for Birth Family
Steven David Welch
Date of Birth : November 22 1962
Adoption : December 29 1964
adopted name : Francis Duane Manwaring
Adoptive parents : Maconald Manwaring & Margaret Manwaring ( nee Dunn )
Adoptive sister : Noreen Ann McGarva ( Sally Manwaring )
We are searching for the birth family of Steven David Welch born November 22 1962 , adopted via The Children's Aid Society of Eastern Manitoba
This is the birth family of my ex partner & bio father of my eldest child .
We would very much like to connect with & find any family members also wishing to know history & ancestral connections .
We've yet to contact the adoption registry here in our province . We also have reason to believe he may have been a child of the 60's scoop due to his age being 2 yrs old at time of adoption & wording of the CAS documents .
We are not sure of place of birth . Birth may have been  region around Keewatin or Kenora Ontario , or Winnipeg Manitoba .
I've listed photos below from as early we can find of him up to his obituary photos . I've also included photos of him with  his adopted sister ( adopted name : Sally Manwaring ) Noreen Ann McGarva & other adoptive relatives in case the Manwaring clan may have information .
I also have included photos of my eldest child Natasha Rose whom is now 36 yrs old in case she may have appearance of bio family .
We very much would like to learn my daughter's heritage etc. meet her cousins , aunts , uncles ........
please please pass this on as much as you like . If you feel there is something I've missed out in this post please feel free to let me know so I can add to or change the search .
If there is any information you feel would be helpful to us please contact us

official decree of adoption 29th of Dec 1964 
 Steven David Welch born November 22 1962
to be known  as Francis Duane Manwaring
it mentions " upon hearing what was alleged by counsel for the Children's Aid Society of Eastern Manitoba "


letter from Children's Aid Society of Manitoba 1964
this is the letter regarding getting an official birth certificate in 1964
mentions the official adoption was also enclosed

This is the bible which has the inscription  presented to mother then to Duane  By Godparents " Mona & Doug " Barbara ,Mona and Ronnie
Christmas 1962 Dec 1963
We believe this was written in at a later date due to the fact the name Duane is used & that was his adopted name given at 2 yrs of age . was it a gift to his birth mother at a time of birth or baptism ?






Natasha age 2yrs

Natasha age 13 yrs


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  1. Really nice to see photos of Duane from his younger years. I have missed his friendship greatly.